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and any guest stacks, holms, geo's, kame's, baaaas, headlands, voes, firths, lochs, lighthouses, etc.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tin Man Pines......

Fae Skeeter Skerries....
Tin Man pines for Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow and the peerie dug. ‘I have regret’s’ he states.

'Tin Man' is located down in da sooth end at Toab. Here is da map showing whaar he bides - he's along the bank somewahaar marked in red.


  1. Shame. I heard he was cut from the Wizard of Oz 2 and took it pretty badly. Stopped talkin to Dot and the crew and hit that crazy poppy field. He had to sell his external body just to take up with the rent. Tough Times Tin Man, you can have heart, but you gonna find soul.

    Words of wisdom from Kjurkhul

  2. You have to accept that you have problems when you start each day with two fingers of Brasso. There are numerous organisations out there to lend support to people in your exact situation. Seek help Tin Man and I urge you to follow your own yellow brick road. Jesus loves you man.


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