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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mair SMUHA Pictures

Heres some squad pictures fae da evening @ da Sanick Social Club - an excellent night. There are a few of the 'Yellow Fever' squad as they were wan of, if not de, best squad o da nite. Most of the da squads were excellent, although it has tae be said that twa or tree were bizzarre & quite frankly tripe du kens.......

Squad 17 - Chinese Takeawayover.

Squad 18 - Strictly Not Dancing.

Canna Mind whit deese were.
Squad 11 - King of the Swing.
Squad Dancing.
Squad No 2 - Yellow Fever (da best o da neet).
Squad 19 - Da Prunk Bollowints.

Squad No 8 - I Saw the Light.

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