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Friday, 5 March 2010

Muckle Ossa's Eatery Guide - Grand Hotel, Lerwick

Very handy right int middle o da toon. Mixed feelings ont Grand. Commenting only on lunch time’s changed on a decadely basis...but don’t be put off. The burgers are not too bad. Cheap and hot and usually a large pile of frozen chips (big negatory for Muckle and Co. Real, proper chips would significantly improve Grands rating).

Other dishes not sampled much due to having experienced undercooked fish previously...blech!! Muckle dosen’t even like raw fish when it’s meant to be raw (Sushi – a recipe for Da Pirm Treed Polka if you ask wis!!!!) Da staff are very good. Quick, pleasant so points for that.... Strangely an illumation sort of way, not malevolent. Difficult tae give rating here....hmmmmm Ossa is consulting da magic seaweed...

Grand Hotel - Score
Staff rating - My tattie is like a neesik.
Food rating – My tattie is a jellyfish... cooking da fish properly and proper tatties wid elevate to neesik status.

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