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Monday, 29 March 2010

Shetland Dialect Now Online

At last, the Shetland dialect has gone “online” which means that it is real….because the computer says so….and so does the Arcadia University in Philadelphia and the Amenity Trust so it most be true (you don’t argue with the Amenity Trust!) so in the spirit of this brave new world Peerie Ossa will now communicate in the Shetland dialect…..

Hits been a poor helly aa wadder, lyin on fae da Nort. Hit made me tink I wis a grain prematyr wi da annual poanin o my head. I wis a bit scunnered whan I saa dey wir a sneetle aa sna on da aert dis mornin an da yeows wirna very plaesd aboot hit aeder. I gyud oot tae maet dem and wi da ice I keggled ower intae da stank an landed on da keel aa my back..wi a skurt foo o hey on da height aa me. Eence I up ended an got da yeows maeted, I slipped da dugs bit dey widna even set paa ootower da step aa da door. I wan tae my wark and as wi inny guid Shetlander I scrimed ower da helly news and fan dis missive aboot spekin Shetland so noo fok kin see da differ atween grevf an grof, reeve an rive, clatch ,clert an cline.

Answers as iver…..

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