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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Peerie O is acting (up again)

Peerie O has been very quiet of late but is now breaking the silence and I’ll teel you for why! PO has been busy taking acting lessons as PO was sure there would be a roll in the new film being made on Fetlar.

Fetlar, it has to be said, was getting a bit far up damsel an wis startin tae caa everybody “daaaaaaaaling” I bit upstairs an ben aaff. Humsumiver, wi dis latest venture bein pitten on the back burner, Fetlar seems tae hiv geen a bit quiet!

Anyhoo, Po has been learning how ta convey being a rock through the medium of mime. In order to complete these classes, PO procured some hefty fundin thru da Arts Development agency. PO has passed da classes wi flyin colours and can now be viewed at any time plying the mime trade.

Some reviews are given below;

“The energy and emotion from PO’s performance is electric. The mime is impeccable. Money well spent and well worth it!” – The Sneck o da Smallie.

“ Never in my 5 million year life have I seen a rockier looking mime. Stock still. PO is a rising star in mime….look out Muckle, Rockall will be after PO!!” – Barra

“ I now know what it feels like to be a rock. PO conveys the hardness and lonely melancholy of being a rock like no one ever has before” – Elizabeth Taylor

“ Dosna look much different tae me…..hurumph!!!!” – Muckle Grumpy Ossa