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includes stuff fae Muckle Ossa, Little Ossa and Fladda.....
and any guest stacks, holms, geo's, kame's, baaaas, headlands, voes, firths, lochs, lighthouses, etc.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Its been a while......

Greetings Ossa fans!

We are still here although very busy with Christmas decorations and stuff. Muckle has been trying to unrivfel da fairy lights, Flad is baking cakes and making puddings and PO has been in negotiation with a certain creative organisation re an exhibition on the Ossas involving a knackered wind turbine on a trailer which never works, saat piltocks and an enormous kishe. PO can say no more at the moment but it will be spectacular if it comes off. Other folks might call it fly tipping…we call it art! Anyhoo, thar she blows and all that. PO was sure she saw a narwhal this morning swimming around the iceberg just benort Muckles leg. This is of course the harbinger of wadder!! In the words of Grind o da Navir “Git oot your oilcasts hits a hell o a fore….” Po has not got that right….

Innyhoo, Po is donning her soowaster backwards…parently da wadder is comin fae da noraest. Aaaha, just getting da first snaa on Ossa Towers skylight. PO feels festive!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Da Mareel.........

Where to start.....


Peerie O is very excited about the Mareel opening......

PO was delighted to see that the ARTs Trust (AT) was thinking ahead and trying to buy stock prior to the VAT increase. Money saving ideas seem to be paramount in the AT. What kind of grub/drink can the general minions be expecting for a £30,000 stock starter? Must be very fancy and hopfully not the “traditional” reesited parsnip surprise with a side of saaaaaat herring porridge that they serve in the Muesum….not that PO is critisising…it’s just that the stuff they serve up in the museum was the stuff your general starving Shetlandic trow ate when they was nothing else 100 years ago! As soon as the first deep fat fryer hit the shores (it was apparently powered by a 200m high wind turbine and nobody complained then!) it wis ower da banks wi da saatin barrel, reestit tees wir flung oot da door and the smell o freshly fried haddocks pervaded da air….

PO digresses.....Mareel.....

Keep it simple and try to make hame made chips, get it to the table the same day as it is ordered and make sure that a bank loan is not required to pay for it. However, looking at the projections on the profits from the food/drink/an snacks, a rough calculation prices fish and chips at £102.40, a pint at £64.25 and a bag of crisps at £25.

Another thing, why in the name of Neptune did arty types from London have to be deployed to advertise the box? As PO has observed over the past millennia, Sheltieland is a rock hundreds of miles from anything. Putting the box on the “world stage” seems a bit bizarre, unless of course they intend to charge peeps for looking at pictures on the Internet…..another pile of money well spent. Never mind if those old uncharitable peeps won’t hand over the money this week…they will next week…but you know that. And even if they don’t you always have the contingency fund....remember? Whats that ? Oh you’ve spent that already! Well then look to the 496 “Friends of Mareel” they will help. You could run a competition…The M Factor….The person who gives the most M(oney) is the winner and will have their face engraved 30 ft high on da North Gable!!

Enough o da Mareel......Atween Wadders.....strangely PO has not been contacted yit with regards the part of being a sea swept rock where the hero/heroine meets there grizzly end (or not!). Recall that PO is a certified Mime artist.....whats that Muckle?? I said MIME Muckle, MIME!!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Long time in comin

Well, sorry for the absence but it seems that Muckle and Flad are incapable of putting promontory to keyboard.

Da night an day ir changing noo and hit no ower land afore POs favourite season…..Christmas. PO is serious here. How else could you get troo da winter without prezzies, grub and an excuse for limitless daytime drinking! Hooray!!!

Po was thinkin dit MO, PO and Flads fairy light wir lookin a bit tattered (especially after da last weekend westerly and given dit when MO is pittin dem awa each year he always just flings dem in da Christmas deco cave willy nilly).

Anyhoo, hit brought thoughts o previous happy years wi MO, PO, Flad and Longa Tonga makin dir wye ta Chris Hodges Xmas Tat Emporium and buying cheap but strangely compelling illuminated stars, santies and reindeer dit ran backwards (you aa saa it on da side o the warehouse) etc.

These have been used to festoon Ossa Towers for many a long year, wi Longa Tonga finding a niche in getting lights ta wirk dit shoulda been pittin tae da Rova Head….which reminds me…must send card dis year now dit Rova has had her head restored.

Anyhoo, this brings me ta my nixt point….whar do you get chaep and distasteful decos fae noo? You can get as muckle expensive and distasteful decos as you can shake a blade o war at…bit nae chaep eens.

PO really wishes dit dey had purchased dat Inflatable Santee Jackindabox Snowstorm when we had da chance….i didna mak dat up dey wire en…at Hodges XT Emporium!!!!

ps. As mentioned previously, PO was sending Rova a card as her head had been restored….Rova replied immediately. It read.”I’m back!! Thankyou for kind greetings PO, MO and Flad. Feeling much better now and all I can say is Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy! Happy Easter!