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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fladda & Peerie O's world breaking news update...

Da Fladda & da Peerie O have just finished their world journalism training and have noo gone 'live' wi da breaking news fae everywhare if theres diddly happening on sheltieland...heres the latest stuff. 

Hadron Collider faces closure after child traps Higgs Boson in jam jar
Henry Brown, a six year old primary school pupil from Devon is the toast of his school after trapping an elusive Higgs Boson particle in a jam jar during morning playtime today, earning him the Nobel prize for physics in the process.

Scientists from CERN, the international nuclear research facility in Switzerland, were said to be ‘humbled’ by the news and have commenced dismantling the now redundant Large Hadron Collider which was built at a cost of £2.6 billion to detect the particle and is the most complex experimental apparatus developed by mankind.

Professor Marzio Nessi from CERN said ‘well done to Henry for beating us to it. I’m sure there’s a bright future in the world of science for him, assuming of course that he doesn’t drop the jam jar and suck the entire planet into a black hole.’

Jedward dropped by Sony
It is with great sadess that Muckle Ossa announces that Sony has dropped Jedward. This will have a huge impact on the popular music culture of the world. It demonstrates the power that the large corporates have on the music that we listen too. These jolly Irish chappies will now be relegated to the X Factor netherland where Leon Jackson, Steve Brookstein and Sharon Osborn now reside…….tis indeed a dark day.

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