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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Muckle Ossa's Eatery Guide - Harbour Cafe, Lerwick

Peerie O and Fladda have been oot an aboot and their travels took the to the Harbour Café in Lerook. So here follows the appraisal for the O’s Gastronomic Guide. Noo Peerie O being a bit weird aboot eatin anything that has not been boiled for a least ½ an hour (PO’s Grannys best tip for a long and healthy life!!) has not sampled some of the fayre on offer at this Fast Food Emporium but has it on the authority of Muckle that they are one of the few FFE’s that actually can do crispy bacon. If you ask for that that’s what you get! However quantities can vary depending on the day. They do a large varied selection of fried breakfast stuff that you crave if it’s cold and/or have hangover and/or need saturated fat and/or your latest faddy diet which involves eating nothing but food with a name ending in “root” has made it a medical need. Lunch time again standard fayre soup, rolls, pasta and fried stuff. Fast, hot and cheap (the food). Only frozen chips - but you do get a small mountain of them when ordered. Strangely though, sometimes the food looks like what you ordered and smells like what you ordered but is void of any taste. A bit like the lip balm that Muckle favours…..

Anyhoo all important ratings.....
Staff – Neesik
Food – jellyfish mostly although sometimes it can be neesikesque…depends on the day.

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  1. Da Unicorn loves da Harbour Cafe especially their rolls -always good to me - maybe because i go regularly


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