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Monday, 22 March 2010

Da Zetland Amenity Trust Interpretive Boards

Skeeter Skerries has been 'gittin da dirt' agin on da goings on aroond da isles....

Plans are afoot at the Shetland Amenity Trust to dramatically increase the number of Interpretive Boards in Shetland. The Trust has nearly 60 boards throughout Shetland which highlight and explain sites of historical and cultural interest. (Muckle O thinks dese boards are great by da way).

A Trust spokesperson had this to say on the proposals.
We are particularly excited about the Tesco supermarket board. Many visitors to the Islands simply have no idea that this important site was not only operated by Safeway’s but also Morrison’s and Somerfield. Also my next door neighbour has just got a cat, I plan to do a board for her cat.

It is understood that a series of boards will be done on the local Councillors, but this is proving problematic as nobody can pin down what they actually do. The possibility remains that they can be interpreted through the medium of dance or by immersion in some Cutch - see pic below.


  1. Peerie O is remote today...however i like this idea of dance interpretation. I may even write a poem for the danceur in residence to choreograph from....we still have one don't we? A danceur in residence....we have lots of residual stuff up 'ere....writers, poets, danceurs,artists,currents,sultanas and mixed peel.

  2. March onward in receipt of large cheque.
    Gesticulate and vocalise on subjects of no knowledge
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