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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Peerie O & Fladda Discuss Cement Mixers

Peerie O and Fladda have been dicussing the relative merits of electrically powered cement mixers vs petrol power. PO observed that the length of cable was a limiting factor on where concretion activities could be carried out thus a petrol powered mixer would be more useful. Fladda said that although this might be true the issue could be circumnavigated by a little imaginative thinking…nae innovation and creation. Form thence to the drawing board and draft 1 was designed, however limitations to the system were immediately noticed..not least wind was always required when mixing. This also has other disadvantages..see below.

Draft design 2 was then designed. We think you will agree that this provides a green alternative to petrol driven mixers. An added bonus is that your thighs and “buns” are as tight as a crabs bottom at 40 fathoms.

On way to the Patent Office…..

PO and Fladda


  1. Please can I have some of what you're taking Muckle Ossa, seems like good stuff LOL!

    Please keep up my daily laughter dose


  2. The Ossa's and Fladda will attempt to so do - we may have to seek assistance from the multinational "Wattle and Daub Enterprises" however.


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