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Monday, 8 March 2010

Muckle Ossa's Eatery Guide - Pier Head, Voe

First approach….brill!!! looks like a cross between a set out of Last of the Summer Wine and Simon Kings Shetland Diaries. Seals gambolling in “da ebb” and Ossa watching (they were watching wis back!!!) Proceeding to PH. Old pub, painted Vee lining with wooden floors, plate glass windows etc. Menu good old standard Sheltie fayre. Fish (haddock - we dinna ate cod up ‘ere….hits wirmy!!), fish pie, fresh mussels etc. Muckle O had a gret muckle Yorkshire pud filled wi steak an ale (Muckle is still sleepin hit aff yit!). Really lovely staff, fast and helpful. Lots of interesting bits and bobs on the walls.

WC’s are through the “function room” which is basically a big old room stripped right back to the stone. Does not look massively posh, but excellent atmosphere at night time functions, if you can stand the pace….think “White Heather Club” (if you can remember that) crossed with Glastonbury. WC’s are a bit “unposh” but can be forgotten about quickly because Ossa likes the PH. Good price, delivered to table hotter than the sun, good amount.

Bein picky, some homemade dressings and sauces wid be good. Hmmmm difficult as chips are not hame made, although they do the best frozen chips if you ken whit Ossa means…..

Now da all important rating!!!!
Staff – Floats my tattie.
Food – My tatties a neesik. Wid definitely float my tattie if there were real chips.

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  1. A quirky local bylaw only found in Voe. Local conservationists found that sheep migrating from their Summer pastures in North Roe to their Winter pastures at the Soothend were getting confused by the sights and sounds of down town Voe. To reduce this confusion it was decided to limit the colour of cars on certain days. This is a Monday, only silver cars are allowed on Mondays.


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