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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Peerie O is still here......

Good morning boys, i see you are both displaying probably more than you should with these low tides of late.....however you're extensive tang growth has saved you modesty yet again. I have been very busy and have been pottering in my potting that why it is at potting shed. Perhaps i should call mine a pottering shed....

Anyhoo, to business...It has come to my attention that our poor mainland relations (I am talking bout Englandshire now) are being subject to a terrible occurance...something that we are luckily not familiar with....too much solar energy bombardment. Poor put upon critters, i had a missive from Snowdonia who could tell me she is cracking up with the relentless heat. Parently the human types are running out of water poor beggars....I have of course, being a resourcfeul rock come up with a solution. When we lay the Viking cable then we will put in a pipeline to our friends in the South and give them some of our surplus.

This should give us weather Karma points which should result in the temperature up here getting to and staying in double figures for longer as an hour. Only problem is is that the weather forecasters seem to have forgotten about us in the Ultimate North(again) as they keep gabbing on about wall to wall sunnyness all ove rthe UK....not here matey, just relentless greyness.....forever. And another thing the bloody North Sea is freezing. I have not been able to feel my feet now since last October. Anyhoo, anyone heard how Flad got on at the Hustings??? I do detect another price rise which has kept the point 9 so i can only assume it was not prehaps a successful vaege. Good to hear that Mareel is wonderful, especially the apparent southsayerdom of the reporter who could tell us how great it would be...when it was finished.....which was something he couldn't tell us, so i wonder is he perhaps a charlatan.

That set the record straight after that hidious imposter man was caught taking photos in general vicinity of the tin shed.....I hope they have put him to prison for several millenia...taking Lerwick....i mean! Po hears rumbles that it is very much like Hogwarts inside....the walls keep moving.....Good to see the cooncil have appointed 2 conveners, they can manage to double the wonderful work they do....great folk....selfless. Royal Wedding. Not sure what i can say here other than Edinburgh Castle rock has threatened to erupt as no bid has been forthcoming.....seems an awful lot of money in these "austere times"....could dey no just a geen awa an done it? Dey could of hed an impromptu hamefarin in Foula....ders a venue!

Anyhow, i can't stand here and yap. I am gyan tae plant some sea cucumbers

MO, Flad, i believe your bikini lines could do with a tidy

Your pal

Peerie O