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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Of Geese and (Shetland) Men

Further to Radio Sheltielands interview with croftery types last night regarding wir pals the geese, MO has contacted the geese spokes person, Goosey from the Featheration of Old Lags and asked for a response…..

“Look, we have just been spending the winter down in Englandcestershire and its been sodding freezing. We are now on the way to the Arctic tundra to lay some eggs and freeze our beaks off again. We just dropped down at Zetiland Services for a quick snacket, same as usual, and what a palaver! We’re not even staying!!! There was a time when we were a rareity and people were glad to see us but now they want to shoot us !!! We just don’t think its very fair…truth is we’ve been coming here longer than you lot and did we make this sort of fuss when you ploughed up our fields??? Did we? If you lots can’t be bothered to lift your neeps well boo hoo…if it’s there we’ll eat it! And I’ll tell you another thing, you wer’nt so keen on the gun when we were pushing out golden eggs either oh no! It was you who got the domestic floozie geese who diluted the egg pool and ended the golded egg production, although between you and me there are still a few Golden egg producing pure breds. We have had a letter of support from Amelia and Abigail Gabble. They are apopoleptic and are looking to bring our plight global with the help of Thomas Omally, Duchess and the Kittens…

A word of warning to you all, just remember we don’t have to be on the ground to open the old “bomb bay” if you catch my drift…..”

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