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Friday, 5 March 2010

Can't Catch Her

Peerie O's version of the classic MC Hammer hit -You cant Touch this....

Can’t catch her....Can’t catch her....Can’t catch her....Can’t catch her….

My-my-my-my gimmer runs very fast
Canna mind when I catched her last!
Next time I winna tak a hill een,
Far better wi een fae da back green
Dis dog is very forbidden
And I have slidden in the midden (sorry)
My gimmer is ahit da byre kickin her heels and I can’t catch her.

If shu gengs atween da waa an bailer
I think dit I could nail her
Ill tie da dug tae da tractor
Just so he canna distract her
Oh Shus got a moothfoo o neep shows
An Im ahit her, comin in low!
Shu no seen me, Im gotten a grip.
Yipee hits gimmer time!

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