Aaaal sorts aa stuff fae Sheltie land....
includes stuff fae Muckle Ossa, Little Ossa and Fladda.....
and any guest stacks, holms, geo's, kame's, baaaas, headlands, voes, firths, lochs, lighthouses, etc.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Its SMUHA (South Mainland Up Helly Aa) day

Its SMUHA day - here's the bill at the Bigton Shop.

The dragon picture above the bill.


  1. It is fantastic that the Sooth end has finally got an Up Helly Aa and knowing the boys who organised it all I am sure it will be a great night. The fact that Shetland alone has kept the festival going for over a thousand years is a testament to the Shetland spirit. Raaaaarrrhhhhhh that’s what I say….

  2. Da Unicorn says Muckle Ossa's pictures are good.Awaiting others


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