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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fladda & Peerie O are talking again..

Fladda & Peerie O's ramblings over the last couple of days - start from the bottom and work up.

Found out why my application for Geeza Jaarl of the SMUHA was rejected out of hand. Apparently, I had applied to lead the South Mainland UHA when I thought it was the Soof Moofers UHA! Ha, how I larfed. Must change my name to Smiff. Snaa agin yesterday - will this global waamin never let up?
Well, looks like submersion is on the cards, a sort of involuntary severance so to speak. Perhaps Scubba would be a more appropriate name for my new position as a reef or skerry? Excavation has replace concretion pro tem. All progressing steadily, even if slightly knackering. See you about tenish - no no, not tennis, tenish.

Whilst sipping on some north atlantic, a thought has occurred to Peerie O. Climate change. If wir distant cousins melt (old Polar and Vatnajokull) then does that mean I can stop wi dis silly seafood diet???? Wi a higher sea-level mair o me will be covered…a bit like an oceanic burka really……hence I can let my waist line go a bit….bingo! Erkkkk, whit aboot Fladda though? Fladda is no very high abune da water….perhaps Fladda could become da submarine correspondent? Fladda could report on the new species dit colonised Muckles leg….(an between me and you there are a few there already that most self respecting sea features would have had treated if you know what I mean…).

Muckle O is incognito watchin SMUHA….I believe hoidin ahint Cousin Colsay……Muckle is aiye hed a bit o a thing for Colsay….flibbertygibbert I say!! Peerie O is indignant.
Fladda are you listening????

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