Aaaal sorts aa stuff fae Sheltie land....
includes stuff fae Muckle Ossa, Little Ossa and Fladda.....
and any guest stacks, holms, geo's, kame's, baaaas, headlands, voes, firths, lochs, lighthouses, etc.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Re: the Aberdeen Hole

My Dearest Darling Ossa's,
An excellent spot for a wind farm - hidden from view, no lengthy cables required as it's right amongst the consumers; and you can pop a cover over it when it rains! A win-win situation for the pro and anti groups!
Or a tower block. When the lifts breakdown it will be easier to walk down the steps with your shopping and messages than to climb up! Another win-win solution. And think of the savings on curtain material - you don't need them.
Your obedient servant

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