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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fladda Comes on (blog) Board

Dearest Peerie Ossa,
Phew! Your second email arrived just in time. I was struggling to get the little blighters into the mixer in order to effect the desirable interface between concrete and chickens when a chance perusal of the computer revealed the folly of my task.
A near disaster was closely avoided - I shudder to think what kind of screaming screeding could have ensued, to say nothing of the possible collapse of the of future scrambled/screeded egg production.
Ah well, turned out all white, er right, in the end. A salutary lesson. A chicken is not just for Christmas, or concrete for that matter.
Yours as ever,

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  1. having perused this wonderful informative site i feel i must warn Fladda that if he has influenza, he should step away from the chicken. He may infect the chick with Fowl Plague which is caused by the influenza virus. This then begs the question how does a normal flu become a plague in birds.... but avian flu contracted from bird did not become avain plague. Life is not a 2 way street i think.


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