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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Muckle Ossa’s Eatery Guide - Mid Brae Inn

We love the old Midders. Close to home, homely atmosphere, cheery staff and that one eclipsing quality that can cock the majority of eateries into a hat, proper chips and lots of them. This is one of the few eateries in Shetland in which the Ossas frequently are unable to finish their meal. The food is hot, there is loads of it but if it is busy, then service can be slow (but we don’t care we like sitting there!!!!). Certainly not the place to go if you like to be able get your entire main course on a teaspoon (albeit beautifully presented), or if you are on a diet or if you intend to do anything for the rest of the afternoon.....we love it! They are always accommodating and don’t even complain when Muckle drags tang, live seals and bits of dead salmon cage in on his legs. Oh yes, not perhaps for a romantic couple meal, especially on the third weekend in March…… Mid Brae Inn Telephone: 01806 522634.

Mid Brae Inn - SCORE
1. Temperature – If its meant to be hot its like the sun......if it should be cold think liquid nitrogen
2. Speed – who cares, its worth waiting for....especially with a pint in hand.
3 Amount – A small articulated lorry delivers to your table from the kitchen
4 Cost – worth every penny.....very reasonable
5 Proper chips (i.e. a tattie, peeled, cut and fried onsite) – Hallelujah!!!!!

In summary, a good place to frequent for a bit of nosh, and not too expensive either.
Floats my tattie

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