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and any guest stacks, holms, geo's, kame's, baaaas, headlands, voes, firths, lochs, lighthouses, etc.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Ramna Stack is mobile once more...well, sort of...
So my new, or not quite so new, van, arrived. It’s made of cheese…wensleydale I’d say.
My feet can’t touch the ground with the seat as low as it can go, so I pull it forward to see if that will help, to find a wedge of very hard plastic cutting my calves in two. Hmmm, will need to wear platform boots for this one I fear.
So how does it drive I hear you ask? Well, it goes, (0 – 60 in 2 hours), however, are there any shock absorbers in this thing???!!! After five minutes I’m so shook up I think I’m going to be sick…should come with sick bags provided.
Ah well, off to the stage door to buy a wig and some large dark glasses as my street cred will take a real nose dive in this thing.

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