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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Struck Down in my Prime.....

.....what follows is the last few days banter between the Ossas and Fladda, start from the bottom & work up.....

Peeries Ossa's Poem
The council in their wisdom do decide
Cuts are requisite
We now get the pleasure of paying for offsprings fiddle lessons
This volition no doubt amplifies the Christmas concert pleasure
Where to the child saws on the fiddle till
your teeth loosen and the milk ambulates sour in the kitchen
Fortunate days….
Peeries Ossa

Dearest Fladda
Salutations and Celebrations!!!! Muckle has returned and although fragile has taken up his post, shoulder to da waaasterly swell! Hoping your infestation is subsiding. I can see your head above the water most of the time. Muckle should provide a bit of shelter....
I am off to write a political poem noo!
Peeries Ossa

Muckle Ossa ?????...
As Byron might have said, "Tis better to have sneezed and coughed, than to have never sneezed at all." I am saddened by the lack of news of Muckle Ossa. Me hopes that he has not succumbed to a tsunami or, heaven forbid, an illness. Please pass my gracious felicitations to Ramnastack. We need to stand fast in these dark times.
Keeping my head above water.

Dearest Fladda
Oh woe, woe and thrice woe…I am distressed to hear of your malady. I have passed on news of your pestilence to Ramnastack who was very saddened to hear and sends condolence. It’s true to say that several other sea stacks have also been struck down. Still no news of Muckle……
Lonely Peerie Ossa

Dearest Peerie O
Your latest epistle could not have arrived on my shore at a worst time. I too, like our dear Muckle Ossa, have also been struck down in my prime with a severe dose of something. I diagnosed a cross between swine and pig varieties of flu. I shall call it, er, flu.
I am following your advice and am expanding my diaphragm to its fullest extent, although I am coughing and spluttering, even at high tide.
Might I suggest investing in a small temporary account at the Royal Bank of Scottish Fog. They have suitable products on offer for the affluent offshore account holder. A ready access Scotch Mist account or a premium Platinum Fog Bank instant access account should do the trick and conceal MO from even the most prying of eyes.
In the meantime - knees bend, chest out.

Dearest Fladda
I write to you in most unfortunate circumstance. Muckle Ossa is missing. I am taking the full weight of the sea myself and I am sure you must have noticed a difference. I understand from the Unicorn that Ossa has been stuck down with a virulent lurgy and has taken to the bed. I do hope to hear from Ossa soon as I am sure that some mariner will notice the absence shortly and then there will be trouble. I am pretty sure that the Admiralty will not take too kindly to drawing up new charts. In the meantime I am trying to look as big as possible to disguise Ossa absence. I will be requiring your support with this….so look bigger. I find breathing in and holding your breath is the best way of doing this.
Hoping your mixer is in good fettle….
Fond regards
Peerie Ossa

From our Ronas correspondent, Pobie Sukka, a quote for the day….
“Never have so many done so little for so few.”

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