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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My Valued and Venerated Fladda

Does your vision and innovation know no limit. Yet again your vision and forward thinking cuts to the core of problems and not only solves the immediate issue at hand but encompasses solutions to other thorny problems. I will be putting these inspirational thoughts to the ACME INTERNATIONAL INC’s “We Put the Fun Into Funeral” TM Innovation Department to flesh out prior to applying for outline Planning Permission.

Another thought for a use of the hole. We could fill it with carbon footprints. The populous are constantly attempting to reduce them (are carbon shoes more expensive for bigger carbon feet? – must be the reason), then apply a few atmospheres and a couple of million years and hey presto diamonds for sale!! Hmmmmm……. only flaw with that plan is that once we mined them we are still left with the hole…..but wait. A new business opportunity I spy! Hole Recycling. I will send that idea to the ACME INTERNATIONAL INC’s “We Put the Fun Into Funeral” TM Hole Section, see what they think.
With Much Admiration
Peerie Ossa

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