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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Peerie O's Orchids

PO has been out and about with the old picture gun and has indeedy captured an Early Marsh orchid. It was quite difficult as these little blighters can shift very fast and as you will be aware PO can’t move with any sort of speed at all….and there are ofen rockfalls and earthquakes when PO does. Anyhoo PO digresses.

The Early Marsh Orchid differs from the Northern Marsh Orchid in a couple of obvious ways…the leaves have no spots and the petals are more fleshy/reddy hued than the royal purple of the Northern.

Also, here's Heath Spotted Orchid - with the pale pink flowers.

Fladda seems to be in a toint as PO has heard not a peep lately. Photo envy I would imagine.

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