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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Peerie O is back in Cyberspace

Peerie O has not been handy with a computermeebob lately, but am back now for a short sojourn in cyberspace. Things of interest…firstly a HUGE OVERSITE in the Shetland Tourism adverty thingy on the Shetland News website. PO was watching avidly, waiting for the ossas and flad to flash up……Dore holm first….then….a puffin….then….Mousa….then……stinky old Dore Holm again. No sign of the Ossas an Flad. Whits aa dat aboot dan? Eh????? Dore Holm just sits there, speakin to nobody…PO reckons Dore is a bit ups itsel. Ha, Snore Holm more like!

Anyhoo, on to my next observation. Only on the Auld Rock would you get an exemption on your electronic tagging device to nip oot for free chips! Brilliant. I’m sure other law enforcement agencies could learn a thing or 2 from wir court. Plez milud, could I ave a couple of oors aff to caa da hill or milk da coo! PO loves it. Ders nae place lik holm (not Snore Dore though).

Shetland place o da day
Sodom, which interestingly is no far fae da leisure centre in Whaalsa.

Shetland wird o da day
Swickery – as in “wirkin a swickery” and in Englishshireyness, “ to swindle”.

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  1. If I can get tagged can I get free chips too, and a free taxi to Frankies? Hard to believe when I read it in the ST LOL!


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