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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blue-green Algae - whits aa yon aboot?

Peerie, Muckle & Flad (an a selection of idder sea features) wis hearing on da news da streen that there might be some Blue Green algae around on da freshwater lochs. We never get inny o dat aboot wis. Occasional “red tide” bit never blue green. Lots o pink an broon and green…bit never blue green. PO got a letter fae Colsay (MOs fliberty gibert pal fae da sooth end) and some photos o da blue green were in it. PO likes the colour but not toxicity of da stuff. Very bad for dogs and peeps. Anyhoo, see below.

Dis is classic stuff, but hits no always dis colour. Sometimes it grows on da bottom o da loch and is browny/reddy/black. It is at its most lethal when it dees and the cells rupture releasing Anatoxin A among idder nasty things, which is a neurotoxin. When it dees it often washes up on da shore and can look like coo poop, black and a strong musty small dit attacts dogs and animals (includin’ human types!). If they ate it death will follow rapidly so be careful out there. This is whit it can look like when its in full bloom an still in suspension in da water - it looks like soup and may be grey/green or greenish or just green! 

Luckily for wis - it does not affect sea features.

Shetland Word of the Day – Girn – this has 2 meanings.
1) The noise a dog makes when not whining or barking. Usually preceeds a bite.
2) A false ingratiating smile.

Shetland Place of the day – Buggery – Apparently somewhere around the Brig aa Waas. The name derives from the old Norse word Bu meaning something to do with cattle. Not sure what the ”ggery” bit means tho!

In addition Peerie O has been for a snacket wi Grind O da Navir. Usual sea born chit chat. GOdN is going to prepare a list of all the neighbourhood area place names with the “correct” pronounciation. It is one of GOdN’s botty barnicles that everybody pronounces things all wrong. GOdN said “ I cood geng fae here ta the fardest east ebbstanes o da Skerries and still der naebody dit can say da names around here right.”
PO replied that this was indeed GOdNs new mission should GOdN wish to accept! PO looks forward to the list.
Aside, PO had some vegetable matter for lunch and there seems to be some seismic activity commencing. MO, are we a volcano do you think?

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  1. Buggery is at Hesterfirth, just at the top of the hill before you go down into Gruting. Sure enough it's a good area for Kye. The Brig o Waas being where the big cattle market used to be.
    Another favorite round here for the delivery men is Foratwatt, but that's closer to Waas


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