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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Peerie O discusses Da Mareel

Peerie O was sitting mindin PO’s own the other day and as usual a tanker makin for Sullom guid by causing a (not unpleasant) vibration. Dis got PO tinkin. The low frequency vibration noise transmission fae a boats engine travels really weel through da water an also transmits weel through aa solid matter, including PO. More thinking occurred an PO recalled dit Mareel, da loverly new music venue is biggit on land reclaimed fae da sea, right nixt ta the Holmsgirt ferry terminal and truth be telt in da middle o Lerick Harbour.

Noo certainly, if a concert wis on you widna notice inny noise or vibration as a boat passed. Bit whit aboot da recordin studio? PO understands dit a state o da art recordin studio is bein installed in said Mareel. I winder if dey hiv considered dis when selectin the sound insulation fur da place?? PO is no an expert on acoustics bit Po does ken dit particle collision air borne noise transmission is much easier ta insulate against than direct contact transmission….Da type o insulation for low frequency direct contact transmission noise is invariably much more engineered and thus his a price tag ta match….

Just an observation.

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