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Friday, 2 April 2010

Windy Farm Milly Generatory thingies

Why is aaa'body banging on aboot WINDMILLS coming tae Shetland.

They are NOT windmills - they are ...........
or WINDY TURB IN IES du kens.

Get a grip will deee...

WINDYMILLS are great muckle things foond doon sooth and have muckle stones in dem and grind wheat & other stuff to make da floor to make da bread.

AERO GEN ERA TORS are tall thin white things that roam around 'da banks' feeding on da grinded up peat and birds and anyting else flying aboot them to make da electricity for da electric breadmakers..

To make things easier for de populus who is still confused heres da picters and da  identifiaction criteria stuff to help.


Notice da muckle holes in da blades - a dead giveaway - allows da birds to fly straight through da blades wioot gettin chopped tae bits and providing food for the ever increasing Zetland FOX population. Also notice dat fat base with windies in - for windy miller to look oot of and make da wadder assessments. Also - they are NEVER found on da peat banks - its too much like hard work to get them there.

And here he is - at his own windymill.

It is also a common fact that Windy Miller is always aboot at the base a da windymills - he comes oot da box specially.  An - da windymills make a special noise dat is pleasing - watch da vid & see.


See da difference - THESE ARE ALL WHITE AND THIN, they DONT have Windy Miller at da bottom, are ONLY EVER found on da peat banks (as it is their favourite food), and usually have packs of FOXES milling (i mean loitering) aroond da base waiting for da chopped up birdies, baloonists, paragliderists, light aircrafties, sky canooeists etc. tae drop tae da ground chopped by da blades. 

Windy Miller however, played a clever blinder earlier this century by patenting 'wind farms'. He now earns twa groats, a chicken, 2 llamas (or wilderbeest if unavailable), and a variable length of rubber tubing for every windy farm coming into existence. A clever fellow with great foresight oor windy.

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