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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Peerie Ossa's Observations

The first poses the question “At what concentration is volcanic ash considered to no longer pose a threat to aircraft engines?” You might assume the answer would contain some sort of milligrams per meter cubed notation or mentions of particle size such as PM 10s or 2.5s but you would be wrong. The concentrations seem to be completely irrelevant and the measurement of this parameter actually is “When the safety precaution of grounding flights for safety reasons begins to exceed £6,000,000 (six million) per day. Once this cost bar is breached it is completely safe to fly again…although no guarantees on how far you will get…

Next PO observation. PO was watching the Scottish Political Debate last night (PO had seen last nights Scrubs episode before) and interestingly discovered that according to Jim Murphy, Scottish Labour, not only did Saddam Hussain slaughter 10s of thousands of Kurds after the first Iraqi war, he apparently also slaughtered “Kruds.” PO thought Mr Murphy had perhaps mispronounced or that POs hearing was failing, but he repeated the word and indeed he was speaking about the “Kruds.” In fact his first political activity was to attend a rally at George Square in Glasgow to protest about the slaughter of the “Kruds.” PO is saying no more on this issue other than “In the name of Neptune…”

Peerie O

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