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Monday, 17 May 2010

Whits all dis den.....

Peerie O has been experiencing strange sensations (nothing to do with Muckle or Fladda) I may add…..On Friday it started….there was a strangely familiar light which PO had a recollection of but it took till dinnertime to place what it was. The SUN, big whoop. There was also warmth for the first time since last August. PO enjoyed this enormously, but Muckle cast PO into shadow at tea time (selfish boulder!!) Fladda was even worse off.

Then an airbourne message from our pal Eyafjatlajukel has grounded the flights again. Some fine old academic was optimistic that this could go on for another 20 years…by which time of course the cost of grounding the flights will have rendered it completely safe to fly though an erupting volcano, in fact it may cost more to fly through a volcanic dust cloud….an added extra, they could argue.

I digress. Anyhoo hoping this dust is not going to affect POs sun tan. Oh yes tirricks. Dey are back! Been for a couple of weeks now. PO likes the tirricks but do dey hae ta mak sae muckle noise. Less time screechin and mair time lookin for fish wid probably do da numbers a lot aa good!! PO often looks an winders why day budder? I mean tae flee tae Shetland ta lay your egg when you pass ower some cracking beaches in Africa????I don’t know.

Anidder observation that PO has made, and if your are of a prudish nature stop reading now……….., ok PO will carry on now. PO had the misfortune to witness two ducks undertaking procreation. May PO say it was a bit brutal…The man duck leapt on da height o Jemima (Puddleduck) and grabbed her in da cuff o da neck a packed her head under da water….Jeez, it widda been ee thing if she was bein akward aboot da whole thing, but she hed a kind o resigned look on her face an just let him get on wi hit. Dan off he hopped an on ta da nixt een. If looks could kill…he widda been floatin belly up. Natures a cruel place PO can tell you….especially if you are a she duck.

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