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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Grind o da Navir

Peerie Ossa was havin a chat with the Ossa’s close neighbour Grind o da Navir and GodN was feeling a bit unimpressed with the whole pronunciation of sea features in Sheltieland. GodN requested that PO inform our intrepid readers that Ossa is not pronounced as it is spelt. The pronouncement is “Ohsee.” Whomsumiver, GodN had also been searching for Muckle Osla as opposed to Muckle Ossa so PO is not so sure that GodN is as cliver as dey tink dey ir!

Ramnastack has informed PO that Cloudberry liqueur is braly good….Po may have to verify. Muckle O has been v quiet lately…..MUCKLE OHSEE….ARE YOU THERE????? PO IS LONELY. FLADDA??????????

Shetland Fact of the day (and PO’s fav joke of the moment…)

Q - What is the most common owl in Shetland?

A – A Teat Owl…say it quickly.

Shetland Place of the day...

Kame o Riven Noup

(NW of Bannamin Beach, Burra)
thanks to Auld Rasmie for da link



  1. Kame o Riven Noup can be seen here:

  2. Thanks for dat Auld Een - will post da link.


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