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Monday, 7 March 2011

Hello oot there - were still here !

It’s been ages since Peerie O had occasion to put promontary to keyboard and to be honest there is not much to speak aboot. Muckle O, dispite Perrie O’s better efforts, has not been invited to partake in anybodys’ UHA. He’s been sitting behind me singing “Old Shep” and “I’m Nobodies Child” for the past 2 months. He’s even taken off his dress now.

Flad has only just reappeared after the last gale and is trying to get back below the water mark as he is as bald as a coot. Mesen? Well I am just sitting here demonstrating my mime skills. Still no message from “Between Weathers”, not even having read my reviews……Sharleen Spiteri???? – my intertidal zone! (Think about it..)

Mareel has been quiet lately….not a sound other than the dragging of the completion date in the distance. Can hardly hear it now it is so far off. Viking Windfarm…..Peerie Os’ just bored…..UHA….likewise.

An artists impression of how a bored Perrie O might look 
if she was a baby & not a rock...

The Census….now there’s a topic. Apparently, in England and Wales they have got US arms firm Lockheed Martin in data gathering. I am but a simple rock, but is this really their field of excellence? I thought the clue was in the name “arms.” Surely they should get somebody better that a simple mannequin manufacturer in to do this. However, I understand Scotland has got the right idea. Gadaphees Fish,Chip and Baklava Emporium, Dundee branch has got the contract. My informant has told me that there is a “verbal”part to the Scottish Census. A small mic and recording chip are inserted in the form. You will be asked to pronounce “Trrrrrosachs”, “Loch” and sing “Donald Where’s Your Troosers.” This will determine your Scottishness.

OOOH! Muckle O and Flad have snapped out of their moroseness….a hive of activity has broken out behind me….what are they doing? Eh? I dunno aboot that. Muckle O says that they are constructing marine stingers to take out the tall ships….unless…..unless…he gets a formal bid to Delting UHA.

NEWS JUST IN…..”reports have been received at Ossa Towers that the Sarnia Liberty is in for a refit to install a windjammer sailing rig. This is being seen as an effort to use the wind to generate free transport for wir fuel and allow all you peeps to drive your “muckle” cars. Objections are expected……”

Fladda would like to know – Will the Wind Farm take the wind out of the Tall Ships sails? Answers on a Leatherback Turtle to Ossa Towers Plez.

A tall ship with the wind taken oot of its sails...

If anyone is doing anything anywhere we would just like you to know “WE OBJECT”

Not bad for not much.

Peerie O and Co.

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  1. Glad to see everyone's back on form :oD

    Marine stingers for the tall ships now that would be a tourist attraction. Live action battleships excellent!


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