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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Peerie O has had a shocker o a month...

Peerie O has had a shocker o a month & MO has been nae help avaa.

Po wis watchin da rig aa seaweed just oot afore da Ossas and decided dit raider dan buy seaweed fur the da starfishes winter fodder dey wid cut dir ain fae da rig. MO widna help ava, so PO enlisted Kirkaskerry and Kjurkel tae help. Dey listened tae da forecast and cut da seaweed accordingly….dan hit lowsed an rained fur a fortnight. Not down herted PO, Kirka and Kjurkel wuffled and handturned dat seaweed every day. Eventually dey took hit intae da muckle starfish shed an tried tae dry hit on the floor. Dis seemed tae be havin a modicum o success so dey stowed it in the specially constructed seaweed cru. PO wis heavin a sigh o relief…hit wis been a lang seaweed makin….

BUT disaster struck!!!! Kirka wish haain a trivel introw hit and hit felt a tad warmer dan we wid o likit…..Kirka emptied hit oot o da cru again…bearin in mind dirt dey wir aboot twinty coles o seaweed here…..and by da time PO got tae da shed, hit wis warmin up rather nicely. Anyhoo, in order ta avoid lossin da shed, PO an Kirka hed ta empty da whole lot o da seaweed oot o da shed…an der hit lies a gret pile o weet seaweed! Gyan ta ploo hit back in tae da boddam and grow sea cucumbers nixt year!

Lessons learned fur nixt year ......

Use da Faroese forecast
Cut half da amount o seaweed
If hit strill weet eftir 4 days pit hit ta silage!

OOOOOOOh me back!

Spaegied PO

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