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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Peerie O asks - Do oor avian chums parp?

MO, PO and Flad have had occasion to get together lately and thus some profound questions were asked and subsequently answered.

Question of the day was “Do birds pass wind?”

This could not be immediately answered so extensive research was undertaken.

The answer is apparently they do, but not very much or often, only there is no smell or sound. This is because the diet they eat and how their digestive system works means that they do not produce much gas (PO is not so sure about this…have you seen what the scories eat!!!?, makes Muckle positively health conscious and MOs fairy puffs are not completely odourless we can tell you), thus no smell…..which leads me to ask who could know this???????I mean how do you research this.

Even more to the point who would want do it…Wait a minute….we asked the question so probably rocks like us.

Anyhoo, more interesting than that was that there is no sound with a bird fart. This is down to a bird having no cheeks on its bottom….nothing to reverberate apparently. So there you go, birds can and do pass wind however it is odourless and silent and into a huge sky so it is unlikely to affect anything very much…..but interesting none the less.

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