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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ronas Hill & St. Magnus Bay Hotel

The Ossa’s had Ronas ower fur a few drams last night, bit as usual Ronas overdid it. Everytime, dey fill demsels and dan sit wi da clankin remorse. Weel Ronas really did it last night. Da Ossas wir a bit concerned for Ronas's welfare and nipped ower ta check on her. Weel, Ronas is getting on a bit noo and her water control is no whit hit used ta be. When da Ossas wan ower, dey discovered dit Ronas wis hain a bit o incontinence…hit wis comin oot aa wye! See photo below. Da Ossa towt dey wid leave Ronas in peace as she said she wis feelin a bit seek anaa. Hopefully she will be able ta keep her stack on or dey will likely be anidder clood.

Seein as dey wir in da local dey nipped in alang da Magnus bay Hotel fur a spot o lunch….and were very blyde dey did! First an foremost, dey ir fairly getting da old place sorted. Massive progress since dey took ower. The old place is startin get back hits former glory…really good tae see.

On to lunch….StMBH provides a portion size that befits a rather large sea feature. Peerie O and Muckle O couldna feenish it aa. MO’s fish wis o biblical proportions. The welcome was warm and the staff are so helpful, gyan oot o dir wye and doin da extra mile seems ta be nae budder ava. Da food was cooked ta perfection, da salad freshly made and PROPER HANDCUT FAE PROPER TATTIES ON DA PREMISES BY A HUMAN chips.

Verdict – Floats my tattie both food and service.


  1. Sounds like some where I need to visit, passed it many times but not gone in...

  2. Have a look - worth a visit. I would imagine an easy canoe launch from the Hillswick beach :)


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