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Monday, 12 July 2010

Peerie O is a little bewildered

Peerie O is bewildered by you human lot…I dunno. Not having been in cyberspace lately PO is playing catch up. PO is aware that being a rock PO does not understand the intricacies of human beans (PO likes BFG). Lookin at Clarkersgate, fur da piece o wark dit was made aboot da Assistant Chief Executive job….given dit several real proper job (titles) wir offered, bit no, dat wis nae use. Da council dan hed ta u turn (apparently dey have hed lessons fae Darcy Busstle on how no ta turn hedlight when birrlin) and reinstated da ACE.

All dis at whit cost??????????? Dan efter aa dat da ACE wants a secondment….and dey ir geen hit tae him. How will dey manage??? Is somebody going to have to be employed to cover????????? using the corrert advertising and recruiting procedures of course??? PO may apply fur dat. Where will the secondment be to?? Orkney perhaps? Does innybody else hae a ACE?

Nixt on POs list, we have a new SNP candidate perhaps? PO is amazed at the speed and the cut and thrust of all you human types. Can’t wait to hear da manifesto. More da moran…

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