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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Muckle O an aald Ne’erday

Ooooh Muckle is afil excited!!! It is his favourite time o da year.

PO and Flad finally let him pit on his froak today as it is aald Ne’erday da moran and he canna wait any langer. MO will keep his froak on noo until da end o Merch, just in case innybody gets a no show for dir Jarls squad he will be in dair like a muckle stane firrit! If you ken o inny body wha is short, plez consider poor ald MO.

He is been waitin fur millenia fur dis, literally. Imgaine da pageantry o the UPHa dit gets MO bring up da rear o da procession???? You winna hae ta worry aboot wind direction edder! Just set louwe ta da gally in da lee o MO leg! Mo wid bring a host o idder novelty items ta your UPha, things lik dead salmon cages, all bits o oil pipe, bows, seal, winterin birds. Only wan warnin, he can dance nane…I ken. I wis severely bruised under da waterline when we last tried a Boston I can tell you, although he reckons he is dat good at brirlin, dit folk stand clear tae admire his technique…..dey do stand clear…he right about dat bit only dat! He has a selection of froaks in various different styles so you dinna hae ta worry aboot him matchin your froaks kirtles, Po will make sure MOs a perfect match.

You ken whar we ir.

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