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Monday, 6 December 2010

Panto Tickets (or lack thereof)

Wasted time…weeks and weeks of wasted time!

MO, PO and Flad have practiced and practiced for our display (involving the knackered windturbine on a trailer, a saaat piltock and the enormous kishe…remember??) Po has not slept for practicing. I really believed that this would be the vector for my mime skills to get noticed on the world stage…or at least a bit part in the Fetlar film…but no. It’s not that we were not ready…in fact we did the first display last week. But did anyone see it???? Did they??? NOOOOOOOO.

Why I hear you ask? Well apparently when the great Sheltieland pooblic tried to buy tickets they were sold out. You couldn’t get one for love nor money…..But who were they sold to? Nobody the O’s have spoken to seems to know anyone with a ticket…..unless…unless…..I KNEW IT, FELTAR HAS SABOTAGED THE WHOLE THING AND BLOCK BOOKED ALL THE TICKETS ON THE COMPUTERMEBOB! OOOH, SUBTERFUGE AFOOT! WAIT TILL I SEE HER….Whats that MO? Who was in charge of tickets sales?

Oh, I see, that explains a lot.

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