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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Shetland to reduce drink-drive limit from ‘a skinful’ to ‘not that much’

The Shetland Islands Coooooncil has announced they will be lowering the drink drive limit in Leeeeerwick (excluding Scallywag), but has reassured drinkers weekend rules will remain unchanged.

The changes were put forward after a recent study showed reactions of 'Toonies' were ‘moderately subdued’ after a four-pack of 9% Special Brew. The same study accidentally killed 4 Orcadians.

The Zetland convenor acknowledged this wasn’t the first time a drink-drive study had been carried out on the subject, but said it was the first it was not done “by a bunch of English poofters”.

Under the proposed changes, drink driving would only be allowed if ‘completely necessary’ — at weddings, funerals, Friday & Saturday nights and on birthdays & any other day with a "y" in the name.

The changes have been met with some anger in Papa Stour (wha give a monkeys), with opponents saying tens of millions will lose their jobs and billions of pubs will close down in Englandcestershire resulting in nationwide suicides of pub landlords forcing thousands of orphans to live on the streets. Supporters have counted these claims with “Whatever”.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Russians reach Shetland after 15 year voyage

Russian explorers have finally reached the Shetland Isles after a 15 year voyage in which three crew members died.

Long thought to be lost to the North Sea, Shetland lies somewhere between Scotland and the North Pole and is a long forgotten land supposedly filled with mythical beasts and strange sounding locals. They are rumoured to live a Viking lifestyle even eating fire and sacrificing babies at Up Helly Aa. One this most historians agree on is that ‘Up Helly Aa’ has no meaning in any modern day language they know of.

The Russian crew from set sail from the small northern town of Severodvinsk in 1996 and haven’t been seen since. Contact was initially maintained via an old Nokia mobile phone but the sailors were presumed lost at sea after no contact was made from 1997.

The Russian Navy was stunned to receive word via carrier pigeon that the crew were alive and well and had arrived in Shetland. The short message said they had found no signs of life on the main island but would keep searching.

Shetland has long been thought to be located somewhere north of Scotland, but mapolologists have literally no idea where it is. The map of the UK includes a map of Shetland, but as nobody really knows where the islands are, along with Orkney they are just placed in a box at the side of the map.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Anti-nuclear Lobby to be rehoused on Shetland Isles

Green, tree-hugging, pot smoking, and CO2 emitting hippies are to be relocated to Shetland, it has been announced.

Following the UK government's plans to rely more heavily on nuclear energy, it has been decided to remove all anti-nuclear groups from areas supplied by nuclear power.

A government spokeswoman said "If these people don't want to rely on nuclear power, they can sit in their huts, in the dark, waiting for the next gust of wind or the next high tide. We're simply washing our hands of the lot!"

Conservative leader, David Cameron, has agreed wholeheartedly with the plans, however, yellow liberal leader, Nick Clegg is still against the idea. As such, he and his party will be removed over the coming months and will be replaced, seamlessly, by Alan "Howlin Laud" Hope's Monster Raving Loonies.

The government is expected to bypass local planning procedures by brining in a new act of parliament to ensure construction can begin without hindrance.

Public reaction is said to be very positive, many stating that this is the first time this government has actually "got it right".

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Peerie O is still here......

Good morning boys, i see you are both displaying probably more than you should with these low tides of late.....however you're extensive tang growth has saved you modesty yet again. I have been very busy and have been pottering in my potting that why it is at potting shed. Perhaps i should call mine a pottering shed....

Anyhoo, to business...It has come to my attention that our poor mainland relations (I am talking bout Englandshire now) are being subject to a terrible occurance...something that we are luckily not familiar with....too much solar energy bombardment. Poor put upon critters, i had a missive from Snowdonia who could tell me she is cracking up with the relentless heat. Parently the human types are running out of water poor beggars....I have of course, being a resourcfeul rock come up with a solution. When we lay the Viking cable then we will put in a pipeline to our friends in the South and give them some of our surplus.

This should give us weather Karma points which should result in the temperature up here getting to and staying in double figures for longer as an hour. Only problem is is that the weather forecasters seem to have forgotten about us in the Ultimate North(again) as they keep gabbing on about wall to wall sunnyness all ove rthe UK....not here matey, just relentless greyness.....forever. And another thing the bloody North Sea is freezing. I have not been able to feel my feet now since last October. Anyhoo, anyone heard how Flad got on at the Hustings??? I do detect another price rise which has kept the point 9 so i can only assume it was not prehaps a successful vaege. Good to hear that Mareel is wonderful, especially the apparent southsayerdom of the reporter who could tell us how great it would be...when it was finished.....which was something he couldn't tell us, so i wonder is he perhaps a charlatan.

That set the record straight after that hidious imposter man was caught taking photos in general vicinity of the tin shed.....I hope they have put him to prison for several millenia...taking Lerwick....i mean! Po hears rumbles that it is very much like Hogwarts inside....the walls keep moving.....Good to see the cooncil have appointed 2 conveners, they can manage to double the wonderful work they do....great folk....selfless. Royal Wedding. Not sure what i can say here other than Edinburgh Castle rock has threatened to erupt as no bid has been forthcoming.....seems an awful lot of money in these "austere times"....could dey no just a geen awa an done it? Dey could of hed an impromptu hamefarin in Foula....ders a venue!

Anyhow, i can't stand here and yap. I am gyan tae plant some sea cucumbers

MO, Flad, i believe your bikini lines could do with a tidy

Your pal

Peerie O

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fladda asks 'What is the Point?'

My Dearest Perrie Ossa,

What is the Point?

Waal, it’s been a while since I sed owt, so with spring in the air I’m shaking off the seaweed, kicking the kelp, shaking the shingle and flexing my mussels ready to rant loud and wide.

Can’t be bothered with all that census stuff – it’s only a form for Neptune’s sake – just don’t put down anything that’s false(?).

But, but, I hear rumblings that an election is due in the coming weeks. Ooooh, this sounds more like it. Time to think about joining the Bisto Bus crowd in Hollybrood by doing my bit for Neptune and country – yeh, right.

Now, before I get my nomination form (MO will help me fill it in) I need to create a manifesto and, most importantly, a catchy slogan.

Got it! ‘Vote for Flad, he ain’t half bad!’ Wow, that’s guaranteed to get the floating voters on my side, even though they haven’t a clue what I’m about. Right, now I need a cause, something to put fire in the electorates’ belly. Mareel – naa, it’s got to be serious; wind farms – naa, done to death; EU/EEC – naa, even though it’s the best Bisto Bus available in politicks; fuel prices – naa, been on the politickacle agenda since the whale oil price wars of eons ago.

Hang on though, fuel pricing does sound very promising…..

Those damned point nines; you know the two pounds twenty something point nine per egg cup full signs that are emblazoned in seventy foot high letters outside the petrol dispensing Dalek garrisons.

What is it with those fuel retailers and the foreign metrik system? We are not fooled by the point nines. We don’t have point summat of a penny in our pockets, so what’s going on. Think of all those point nines that could be recycled at the District Heating plant, and let’s not forget the little decimal point too.

Here we go then. I shall run my campaign solely around the premise that unless we get rid of the ‘Point Nines’, society as we know it will collapse before the end of, err, too long! As good ol’ Al G would say, ‘The debate is over.’ I shall leave no mollusc upturned in my crusade to promote this matter at the highest political level, thus ensuring that Shetland becomes a world leader and a centre of excellence for point nine research and debate. Alex Farmed Fish would be proud. First off, I shall press for the formation of a committee to oversee a fact finding mission (Te he, it’s a world-wide problem!) with a view to presenting a motion to the Skottish Parlymont. Oh yes, endless committees, sub-committees, steering groups, working parties, conferences etc. I feel a sense of public duty welling up in my obelisks. Now, pass me a couple of blank expense claim forms before I lose the plot.

So there I have it, a short, world saving manifesto and a snappy slogan. A sure fire winner if ever I had one.

So, on Thursday, remember to vote ‘Fladda’, your What’s the Point Party candidate.

Must go now, got to get to Sussex for the Hustings, bye.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

That "Terrible Misunderstanding...."

Good tidings. Another missive….PO, Flad and MO have been in deep discussion about many things. You human types do seem to complicate things to an entirely unnecessary degree. However, we have gone undercover and can explain some of the strange events which have occurred in the past couple of days….

The “terrible misunderstanding” as mooted by Mr Hague re the SAS mission to Libya.

What really happened according to reports (the standard prefix for reporting anecdotal made up stuff as fact) was that there was a Parliamentary Canteen Staff day out organised. A phone call from Mrs Bathsheba Grimes, the head cook, to her son revealed what had actually occurred.......

“We met at the door of the Foreign Secretary’s office as arranged. There was a big bus arrived and we all got on. Shirley Sykes, the sandwich maker, had booked a Mystery Tour so when we arrived at Brise Norton we were not perturbed. There was a big sign up saying “SAS this way”. Naturally we assumed that this was for the Soup And Sandwiches as agreed in the price. We were ushered through and offered a selection from the Buffet. I did wonder what was going on as there was no sign of any food, but Shirl is such a joker. Now in mitigation of the lads there, my hearing aid battery was running low so I just nodded when offered items.

They offered us what I thought was Russian coleslaw - Kalashnikov and a salt and pepper. Strange buffet I thought, but I was sure that the rest would follow as we worked our way along the line. Mind you, you wouldn’t get off with that in our canteen. You practically have to spoon feed our patrons…I was finding the bags of food pretty heavy, but then I saw the sign for “Desert” I was off like Linford in full running kit. You know me and me sweet tooth….anyhoo, we found ourselves in the belly of a troop carrier. Shirley was looking a bit concerned but I thought she was keeping the Mystery going and I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of asking…she’s a right superior cow sometimes.

We were strapped in and all of a sudden the engines started and we were off. I alerted one of the lads that I had to be home for 5 as I had to make something for my Bert’s tea. Usually I just take sommat from work, but as we had been out I was going to have to cook something. I had got in a nice bit of tripe from Mr Cleaver, the butcher. I had put it in to soak the night before. He smiled at me and slapped me on the back. I thought that was a bit odd so I asked him where the pudding was. He replied “We are not going to Moscow.” I gave up then as I thought he was just being silly. He looked young enough to still be in short trousers. Young folk today I’ll tell you, it’s like they speak a different language.

Now by this time it was half past 4. I knew I couldn’t get home to get Bert’s tea on. And the dog would be needing out for a pee…I was just about to get up and give Shirl a piece of my mind when we started to descend. We had a bumpy landing, but as there were no windows we couldn’t see out. I thought the pilot had landed in the field next to the airstrip. “Welcome to the dessert” said the cheeky youngster. About time too. I had had nothing to eat since breakfast time and I had paid £10 for the tour which was supposed to include Soup And Sandwiches and I was bursting for a pee! I was first at the door.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out onto sand and dust storms. We had landed in Southport. The youngster then said he had to debrief us. This was too much. I slapped him hard! He fell backwards down the plane steps and knocked himself out. We got off the plane ourselves and began to wander about looking for somebody in charge of a Dessert Trolley or even an ice cream van. We had been looking for about an hour when we were approached by a group of bearded individuals. “Good afternoon” I said in me best hinglish, “do you know where we might find the dessert trolley?” They did not look Southportian I have to say. They stared intently at me….” WHERE IS THE PIER?” I said, thinking we could find a phone box or something. I would have to phone Bert and tell him I was in Southport. One of the bearded men said “Kalashnikov.” which was the Russian coleslaw. I said “You can have the Kalashnikov when you give us the dessert trolley.” “Assault weapons” he responded…now as I said before I thought the boys back at Brise Norton had said salt and pepper… Anyhoo, I stuck with my guns (arf arf) and only handed them over when the bearded peeps presented us with a nice cup of hot tea and a trolley full of baklava. They were very nice lads and once we had finished and everybody had had a toilet break they loaded us all on some lumpy looking donkeys and sent us on our way to the pier.

When we got to the pier, there was a nice boat waiting there for us to take us home. Apparently it is going to take a week or so. I didn’t know that Southport was so far away…Could you tell your dad to stop huffing and answer the bloody phone. None of this is my fault and if he has got a problem he should speak to Shirley about it. There is a big cottage pie in the freezer which should keep him and the dog going until Wednesday and if you could see to them on Thursday and Friday then I should be back Saturday afternoon. Any news from home?"

However, the Ossas now know the function of our esteemed royal family. We must say that none of us were particular royalists but they now have our full support. Given the embarrassment of the above “misunderstanding” on a world stage, good old Price Andrew leaps into the limelight, taking the heat of the UK’s latest cock up. Trade Envoy to convicted sex offenders and volunteer for trainee 17 year old masseuses. There is a selfless man. Apparently he made an error of judgment. We would not care to see him make a real arse of things!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Hello oot there - were still here !

It’s been ages since Peerie O had occasion to put promontary to keyboard and to be honest there is not much to speak aboot. Muckle O, dispite Perrie O’s better efforts, has not been invited to partake in anybodys’ UHA. He’s been sitting behind me singing “Old Shep” and “I’m Nobodies Child” for the past 2 months. He’s even taken off his dress now.

Flad has only just reappeared after the last gale and is trying to get back below the water mark as he is as bald as a coot. Mesen? Well I am just sitting here demonstrating my mime skills. Still no message from “Between Weathers”, not even having read my reviews……Sharleen Spiteri???? – my intertidal zone! (Think about it..)

Mareel has been quiet lately….not a sound other than the dragging of the completion date in the distance. Can hardly hear it now it is so far off. Viking Windfarm…..Peerie Os’ just bored…..UHA….likewise.

An artists impression of how a bored Perrie O might look 
if she was a baby & not a rock...

The Census….now there’s a topic. Apparently, in England and Wales they have got US arms firm Lockheed Martin in data gathering. I am but a simple rock, but is this really their field of excellence? I thought the clue was in the name “arms.” Surely they should get somebody better that a simple mannequin manufacturer in to do this. However, I understand Scotland has got the right idea. Gadaphees Fish,Chip and Baklava Emporium, Dundee branch has got the contract. My informant has told me that there is a “verbal”part to the Scottish Census. A small mic and recording chip are inserted in the form. You will be asked to pronounce “Trrrrrosachs”, “Loch” and sing “Donald Where’s Your Troosers.” This will determine your Scottishness.

OOOH! Muckle O and Flad have snapped out of their moroseness….a hive of activity has broken out behind me….what are they doing? Eh? I dunno aboot that. Muckle O says that they are constructing marine stingers to take out the tall ships….unless…..unless…he gets a formal bid to Delting UHA.

NEWS JUST IN…..”reports have been received at Ossa Towers that the Sarnia Liberty is in for a refit to install a windjammer sailing rig. This is being seen as an effort to use the wind to generate free transport for wir fuel and allow all you peeps to drive your “muckle” cars. Objections are expected……”

Fladda would like to know – Will the Wind Farm take the wind out of the Tall Ships sails? Answers on a Leatherback Turtle to Ossa Towers Plez.

A tall ship with the wind taken oot of its sails...

If anyone is doing anything anywhere we would just like you to know “WE OBJECT”

Not bad for not much.

Peerie O and Co.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Abstract Images

As above....

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

SAT Workshop Names

Skooty Skerry has come up with the name for the new SAT workshop as detailed below. Wait for it….

“Da Clatchery”

Monday, 17 January 2011

Scalloway Fire Festival Procession

A few snaps from our Lodberrie correspondent....

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Muckle O an aald Ne’erday

Ooooh Muckle is afil excited!!! It is his favourite time o da year.

PO and Flad finally let him pit on his froak today as it is aald Ne’erday da moran and he canna wait any langer. MO will keep his froak on noo until da end o Merch, just in case innybody gets a no show for dir Jarls squad he will be in dair like a muckle stane firrit! If you ken o inny body wha is short, plez consider poor ald MO.

He is been waitin fur millenia fur dis, literally. Imgaine da pageantry o the UPHa dit gets MO bring up da rear o da procession???? You winna hae ta worry aboot wind direction edder! Just set louwe ta da gally in da lee o MO leg! Mo wid bring a host o idder novelty items ta your UPha, things lik dead salmon cages, all bits o oil pipe, bows, seal, winterin birds. Only wan warnin, he can dance nane…I ken. I wis severely bruised under da waterline when we last tried a Boston I can tell you, although he reckons he is dat good at brirlin, dit folk stand clear tae admire his technique…..dey do stand clear…he right about dat bit only dat! He has a selection of froaks in various different styles so you dinna hae ta worry aboot him matchin your froaks kirtles, Po will make sure MOs a perfect match.

You ken whar we ir.

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Modern World…

PO is yet again amazed and enthralled with the world around her. A couple of observations, plucked from the myriad of happenings over the elapsed time from when she last put rocky promantary to keyboard........

Recently Po has been suffering a few aches and pains, probably as a result of standing in one position in her new career as mime artist. On advice from Nursey Taing PO tried to make an appointment to see a Rock Doctor at the Sletts Rock Health Centre. Here follows the conversation at the “Appointments Desk”

PO - “I would like to make an appointment plez.”

Receptorock – “sorry we can’t do that”

PO – “eh?”

Receptorock – “You cannot make an appointment, you have to phone in and make a triage appointment.”

PO – “ But I am here, and would like to make an appointment to see a Rock Dr. Nursey Taing said I had to. I don’t want an appointment today or anything. I know you are busy with the Haddock flu outbreak. In a couple of weeks would be fine.”

Receptorock – “I’m sorry we can’t do that. You should phone in between 0830 hrs and 1100hrs and a Rock Dr will phone you back and decide if you need an appointment”

PO – “But Nursey Taing said….”

Receptorock – “Sorry… is the new system. You cannot make an appointment”

PO – “okay….so I go home and phone and wait till a Rock Dr phones me back…”

Receptorock – “Yes.”

Exit PO.

PO returns to Ossa Towers. 1045hrs. Phones the Appointments Line.15 mins of tinkly muzak later

PO -“I would like an appointment plez”

Receptorock - “I will get a Rock Dr to phone you back today”

PO -“will this be before lunch? I have work to do?”

Receptorock - “hopefully, but we are very busy.”

PO -“Ok”

1400hrs PO phones Appointments line. 10 mins tinkly muzak

PO -“I am still waiting for a Rock Dr to phone. I have stuff to do and I can’t use my phone in case the Rock Dr phones. I feel like I am under house arrest”

Receptorock - “The Rock Dr is very busy, they will get back to you but I don’t know when.”

PO -“can I be put on to tomorrows list?”


PO - “Look I know none of this is the idea of the Receporocks, but would you plez pass on my message to the Rock HC manager? This has to be the most ridiculous system I have come across yet. I literally am unable to make an appointment unless l am prepared to give over a day of my time to house arrest….”

Receptorock -“You are on tomorrows list.”

Next, PO now knows why Shetlieland Arty Trows employs big consultancies to help them with naming and advertising stuff. Obviously austerity measures have been deployed and they are doing things themselves…Recently they have acquired the old hatchery building at Kergord. They will be using it for arty stuff. The name they have given this facility?? “The Hatchery.” Come on you lot…you are paid to be creative! What about “Da Stenkle Shed” or “Da Clatchin Hut”

Never mind, you can use the “knackered portable wind turbine” as a sign post….recycling at its best!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Panto Tickets (or lack thereof)

Wasted time…weeks and weeks of wasted time!

MO, PO and Flad have practiced and practiced for our display (involving the knackered windturbine on a trailer, a saaat piltock and the enormous kishe…remember??) Po has not slept for practicing. I really believed that this would be the vector for my mime skills to get noticed on the world stage…or at least a bit part in the Fetlar film…but no. It’s not that we were not ready…in fact we did the first display last week. But did anyone see it???? Did they??? NOOOOOOOO.

Why I hear you ask? Well apparently when the great Sheltieland pooblic tried to buy tickets they were sold out. You couldn’t get one for love nor money…..But who were they sold to? Nobody the O’s have spoken to seems to know anyone with a ticket…..unless…unless…..I KNEW IT, FELTAR HAS SABOTAGED THE WHOLE THING AND BLOCK BOOKED ALL THE TICKETS ON THE COMPUTERMEBOB! OOOH, SUBTERFUGE AFOOT! WAIT TILL I SEE HER….Whats that MO? Who was in charge of tickets sales?

Oh, I see, that explains a lot.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Its been a while......

Greetings Ossa fans!

We are still here although very busy with Christmas decorations and stuff. Muckle has been trying to unrivfel da fairy lights, Flad is baking cakes and making puddings and PO has been in negotiation with a certain creative organisation re an exhibition on the Ossas involving a knackered wind turbine on a trailer which never works, saat piltocks and an enormous kishe. PO can say no more at the moment but it will be spectacular if it comes off. Other folks might call it fly tipping…we call it art! Anyhoo, thar she blows and all that. PO was sure she saw a narwhal this morning swimming around the iceberg just benort Muckles leg. This is of course the harbinger of wadder!! In the words of Grind o da Navir “Git oot your oilcasts hits a hell o a fore….” Po has not got that right….

Innyhoo, Po is donning her soowaster backwards…parently da wadder is comin fae da noraest. Aaaha, just getting da first snaa on Ossa Towers skylight. PO feels festive!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Da Mareel.........

Where to start.....


Peerie O is very excited about the Mareel opening......

PO was delighted to see that the ARTs Trust (AT) was thinking ahead and trying to buy stock prior to the VAT increase. Money saving ideas seem to be paramount in the AT. What kind of grub/drink can the general minions be expecting for a £30,000 stock starter? Must be very fancy and hopfully not the “traditional” reesited parsnip surprise with a side of saaaaaat herring porridge that they serve in the Muesum….not that PO is critisising…it’s just that the stuff they serve up in the museum was the stuff your general starving Shetlandic trow ate when they was nothing else 100 years ago! As soon as the first deep fat fryer hit the shores (it was apparently powered by a 200m high wind turbine and nobody complained then!) it wis ower da banks wi da saatin barrel, reestit tees wir flung oot da door and the smell o freshly fried haddocks pervaded da air….

PO digresses.....Mareel.....

Keep it simple and try to make hame made chips, get it to the table the same day as it is ordered and make sure that a bank loan is not required to pay for it. However, looking at the projections on the profits from the food/drink/an snacks, a rough calculation prices fish and chips at £102.40, a pint at £64.25 and a bag of crisps at £25.

Another thing, why in the name of Neptune did arty types from London have to be deployed to advertise the box? As PO has observed over the past millennia, Sheltieland is a rock hundreds of miles from anything. Putting the box on the “world stage” seems a bit bizarre, unless of course they intend to charge peeps for looking at pictures on the Internet…..another pile of money well spent. Never mind if those old uncharitable peeps won’t hand over the money this week…they will next week…but you know that. And even if they don’t you always have the contingency fund....remember? Whats that ? Oh you’ve spent that already! Well then look to the 496 “Friends of Mareel” they will help. You could run a competition…The M Factor….The person who gives the most M(oney) is the winner and will have their face engraved 30 ft high on da North Gable!!

Enough o da Mareel......Atween Wadders.....strangely PO has not been contacted yit with regards the part of being a sea swept rock where the hero/heroine meets there grizzly end (or not!). Recall that PO is a certified Mime artist.....whats that Muckle?? I said MIME Muckle, MIME!!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Long time in comin

Well, sorry for the absence but it seems that Muckle and Flad are incapable of putting promontory to keyboard.

Da night an day ir changing noo and hit no ower land afore POs favourite season…..Christmas. PO is serious here. How else could you get troo da winter without prezzies, grub and an excuse for limitless daytime drinking! Hooray!!!

Po was thinkin dit MO, PO and Flads fairy light wir lookin a bit tattered (especially after da last weekend westerly and given dit when MO is pittin dem awa each year he always just flings dem in da Christmas deco cave willy nilly).

Anyhoo, hit brought thoughts o previous happy years wi MO, PO, Flad and Longa Tonga makin dir wye ta Chris Hodges Xmas Tat Emporium and buying cheap but strangely compelling illuminated stars, santies and reindeer dit ran backwards (you aa saa it on da side o the warehouse) etc.

These have been used to festoon Ossa Towers for many a long year, wi Longa Tonga finding a niche in getting lights ta wirk dit shoulda been pittin tae da Rova Head….which reminds me…must send card dis year now dit Rova has had her head restored.

Anyhoo, this brings me ta my nixt point….whar do you get chaep and distasteful decos fae noo? You can get as muckle expensive and distasteful decos as you can shake a blade o war at…bit nae chaep eens.

PO really wishes dit dey had purchased dat Inflatable Santee Jackindabox Snowstorm when we had da chance….i didna mak dat up dey wire en…at Hodges XT Emporium!!!!

ps. As mentioned previously, PO was sending Rova a card as her head had been restored….Rova replied immediately. It read.”I’m back!! Thankyou for kind greetings PO, MO and Flad. Feeling much better now and all I can say is Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy! Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


A snippet from the excellent

& also this more relevant Shetland one, although it was removed from rathergood due to copyright of the zeppelin track

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Never Say No To Panda

Monday, 13 September 2010

Things are not always what they seem...

Fladda and Po decided to venture into business. Looking for suitable failsafe money spinners they happened upon two dead certs: car repairs – humans are forever bumping into things with their fragile tin boxes; and funereal accoutrements – everyone has a death experience at some point. Veritable cash cows if ever there were any! After careful thought they decided that their talents could thus be put to good use in auto body repair, with the emphasis on funeral cars. We believed that Gairs and Stronachs had much to fear as we were very good and cheap…I mean how hard could it be? After due consideration we named our company.....

Autobody Repairs
Bespoke Hearse Refurbishments

What we lacked in catchy name creation we put into our exempliary work, thus in order to drum up a bit of business we set off to cruise around the toon in our souped up Morris Marina emblazoned with our companies working title and phone number, now, due to cost constraints we had to use those sticky letters which you take the back off to reveal the sticky side (Muckle had these in large supply after buying a box of miscellania from the Shetland Auction Rooms). PO has instructed Flad to make sure that the side of the Marina was dry to ensure maximum adheasion, however Flad was so excited that perhaps Flad was not as diligent as might necessarily be required. Anyhoo, Po digesses after a day of cruising we went home and waited for the flood of phone calls….which we did get, however these were mostly of an inappropriate nature, except the recorded “get out of debt now” message. After an evening where Flad and Po were in turn terminally embarassed and shocked, PO decided to check the Marina to see what could be misconstrued from the very clear company slogan. Imagine POs horror when PO found that, due to Flads excitement, several of the letters had fallen off. This explained immediately the type of requests/suggestions they had endured. The A, U, T, O, H and E had fallen off. PO and Flad have since had to change their phone number and are thus out of pocket…..and haven’t repaired a single car!

Autobody Repairs
Bespoke Hearse Refurbishments

The lesson here is…
Things are not always what they seem. You should never judge a book by its cover and if you are doing something, do it right the first time!!!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Best Job in the World.......

PO has only just read of the new Bird Warden and family who will be taking up residence on Fair Isle. This happy family were convinced that they had landed the best job in the world…

However PO can now inform them that it is not. No, however the best job in the world is still situated within (or perhaps under) our rocky outcrop. Indeedy, PO believes that the Ossas and Flad may apply themselves as a job share. £50 bags of sand (grand), 3 ways that’s 40 bags to PO (creative go getter) and 10 each to the other pair. And what is this all for I hear you ask???? Well the short answer is managing nothing.

The SIC have decreed that they will employ somebody to manage nothing on an overinflated salary. Nothing new there then I hear you say, but at least previously they were able to smoke screen that fact that nothing was being managed…however this one is right out there, in your face.

Obviously the post is not being advertised with the job title “Nothing Manager” it is going to be a “Tunnel Manager”. Now for the less astute among you, there are no tunnels in Sheltieland which means that locally “Tunnel” = nothing. Not only that but “Tunnel” will continue to = nothing for at least 10 years. Brilliant.

The Ossas and Flad will be retired by then and the several million U turns which will have occurred between now and then will not really matter as this whole thing is theoretical anyway and when managing nothing, nothing can go wrong! Brilliant.

Unless.........they mean managing these tunnels - as there are afew of these up here in the frozen north.

Pass the pen….
Now where’s me pen.